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Live Oaks, Sick

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Live Oaks, Are They Sick?   


This newsletter is primarily for my gardening friends in the south, but it might help others later. Many questions are coming in about live oaks looking brown and dropping leaves. There's nothing to worry about in most cases. The new buds are swelling and the old leaves are being kicked off. That's right - it's fall for live oaks. All shade trees lose their leaves sometime during the year. Live oaks just happen to do it in the spring.


This is a good signal that if you haven't fertilized yet, let's get with it - you're late. Put out dry molasses or one of the blend organic fertilizers at 20 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. Drench the flowering plants' soil with Garrett Juice and Bio S.I. and finish the cool season vegetable and herb planting. Tune in to the show this weekend. We'll talk about all of this in detail.




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