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Tagetes spp.     (ta-JET-tes)      

Annual              Sun                  Height 1- 2 feet     Spread 1- 2 feet               Spacing 9 -12 inches


HABIT:  Fast-growing annual with lacy foliage, yellow or orange flowers. Would last from spring to frost if it weren’t for the red spider.

CULTURE:        Any soil, best in well-drained full sun location. Will reseed and come up the following year but will be weaker than original plants. Can be planted midsummer for fall flowers to avoid spider mites

USES:              Summer color, cut flowers, border, mass planting. Edible flowers.

PROBLEMS:     Red spider, short life.

NOTES:            Native to Central America. Mexican mint marigold or sweet marigold is a herb with yellow flowers in late summer. Available in many container sizes.

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