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Perennial to evergreen herb   Full sun to part shade

Tagetes lucida syn. Tagetes florida                                             Ht. 18-24 inches  Spread: 24-36 inches

ta-JET-teez LOO-see-da                                                 Spacing: 12-18 inches


HABIT: Yellow or golden marigold-like flowers, followed by black seeds. Upright, clumping. Flowers in late summer to early fall. Strong anise scent.

CULTURE:        Likes loose, well drained soil. Best in morning sun and afternoon shade. Very east to grow from seed. Glossy lance-shaped leaves. Cut back to maintain compact look. Needs plenty of water and moderate fertilization.

USES:  Use the foliage to season any kind of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. Use fresh – it loses its flavor when dried. You don’t need much – this herb is very strong. A substitute herb for French tarragon. Flowers and leaves are edible but the flavor is very strong. Good for potpourri and dried arrangements.

PROBLEMS:     Mealy bugs and spittlebugs, which may burrow in emerging leaves during high humidity. Some spider mite damage possible during hot months.

HARVEST:        Harvest the foliage anytime to use fresh or to dry and store in glass containers. It’s best to use fresh green foliage during the growing season.

NOTES: Mexican mint marigold is a terrible name. I don’t know how it got started, but this plant has no relation to mint. Sweet marigold is probably the best name.

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