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Mentha spp.      (MEN-tha)                                

Perennial   Full sun to part shade  Height. 1-3’ Spread: Unlimited  Spacing: 12-24”


HABIT:  Aggressively spreading plant. Highly aromatic leaves on square stems are round, oval, or slightly pointed, smooth or wrinkly, and slightly serrated on their edges.

CULTURE:        Very easy to grow. Like moist soils. Go easy on the fertilizer for best flavor.

USES:  Used to flavor all kinds of foods, especially green peas, salads, desserts, and drinks. Mints are best taken in teas. Groundcover in areas of wet soil.

PROBLEMS:     Some chewing insects but none serious. Whiteflies and aphids occasionally. Most mints are aggressive spreaders and hard to keep under control.

HARVEST:        Cut and use fresh, dry and store in glass containers, or freeze and store in plastic. It’s always best to use mints fresh.

NOTES:            Divided into two groups according to fragrance: the spearmints M. spicata and the peppermints M. pipervita.


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