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Maple - Drummond Red


Acer rubrum                  (A-sir ROO-brum)

Deciduous        Sun      Height 60 - 90 feet      Spread 30 - 40 feet            Spacing 20 - 40 feet


HABIT: Medium to large trees with upright oval crowns.  Leaves are usually green above and powdery silver white and hairy underneath. Leaf stems are reddish in the spring. Fall color is red orange to red. Dramatic scarlet winged fruit (samaras) in the spring.


CULTURE:        Grows in a wide range of soils but not highly drought tolerant. Best in moist to poorly drained locations.  Responds  very well to the organic program.

USES:              Shade tree.

PROBLEMS:     Drought conditions and white rock soils.


NOTES:            Also known as scarlet maple, swamp maple, soft maple, Carolina red maple, Drummond red maple, and water maple. This and Trident maple are the two best maples for Houston.

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