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Maple - Southern Maple




Acer barbatum               (A-sir bar-BAY-tum)                                                      

Deciduous        Sun      Height 30 - 80 feet     Spread 30  - 60 feet     Spacing  25-30 feet


HABIT: Beautiful upright growing tree with fall leaf color that ranges from scarlet and crimson to orange and old-gold. It is smaller and more heat tolerant than true sugar maple (A. saccharum var. saccharum) but does well from Dallas to Houston. Size depends on health and depth of soil.


CULTURE:        Tolerates most soils, wet and dry weather conditions, high winds and other environmental stresses. Does best in healthy well-drained soils. Likes some afternoon shade.


USES:              Interesting shade tree with striking fall color - sometimes.


PROBLEMS:     It is very sensitive to spray drift of 2, 4-D and other toxic herbicides as are most trees.


NOTES:            A good maple to try.


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