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The good you do . . .

Some great things have happened
because of you, the Dirt Doctor, the Ground Crew, and the website. On the discussion board, a member by the username “Pamzilla” (Pam Krumvieda) posted a situation concerning her church. One of the church members wanted to spread MSMA in the cemetery to control weeds. Pam and her husband, Cliff had planted trees in the cemetery and having learned from you, they knew that there was a better alternative.


Several people discussed the matter. This eventually led to a road trip made by Gar, (Greg Reetz), Kathe Kitchens, and me to a cemetery in Salem, TX near Malone (about 80 miles south of Dallas) on November 8, 2003. We spread corn gluten meal, molasses, cornmeal, lava sand, humate, and clover seed. We drenched fire ant mounds with orange oil and dug dirt from around the trees that had been planted too deep.

Cemetery at
Salem Lutheran Church


Kathe Kitchens, Nadine Haefs, and Pam Krumvieda

We had such a great time. We donated time and money and it was very well worth it! We returned to do some more work and to see our progress on the 3rd of April 2004. Another great time! 

We planted another tree, too! 

Greg Reetz, Nadine Haefs, and
Pam Krumvieda

Saturday the 3rd of June Greg, Pam, and Cliff, will meet me and other members of the Aldersgate Class at Spring Valley United Methodist Church. Kathe has solicited a donation from Advantage Organics including compost and mulch. As you know, we will be preparing beds for vegetable and herb gardens at the Wesley-Rankin Center. Thanks to you, we will have much better results because you so graciously gave of your time to come and give a consultation.  These are just small examples of what good things have come from the discussion board, from the Ground Crew, and from you, Howard Garrett. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do.


Nadine Haefs

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