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Mexican White Oak

COMMON NAMES:  Monterrey Oak, Mexican White oak, Mexican Oak
BOTANICAL NAME:  Quercus polymorpha
FAMILY:  Fagaceae (Beech Family)
TYPE:  Deciduous to semi-deciduous shade tree in most of the state, evergreen in the southern tip and in Mexico.
HEIGHT:  40 to 60 feet
SPREAD:  30 to 40 feet
FINAL SPACING:  20 to 30 feet

NATURAL HABITAT AND PREFERRED SITE:  Native from Eastern Mexico and Guatemala to far south Texas. There is a grove growing near the Devil River in Val Verde County near Del Rio.

IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION:  Monterrey oak is a deciduous to evergreen medium sized shade tree that has thick, rounded, dark green leaves. It ranges from deciduous to evergreen and has little to no fall color.

FLOWERS AND FRUIT:  Male and female flowers (catkins) on the same tree. Fruit are acorns that produce annually.

content_img.5839.img.jpg    content_img.5838.img.jpg

BARK:  Smooth texture and light gray when young developing a heavier texture with age.

FOLIAGE:  Leathery blue green leaves that are 3 to 4 ½ inches long, untoothed, rounded, smooth surfaced and dark bluish–green.

Summer foliage has a fuzzy covering.

CULTURE:  Easy to grow in well-drained soil with one exception - freeze damage is a possibility in the northern part of the state. It has done very well however in the Dallas/Fort Worth area through several severe winters.

PROBLEMS:  Few other than possible freeze damage in the far northern part of the state.

PROPAGATION:  Propagation by planting the acorns.

INSIGHT:  Beavers seem to love chewing on this tree - learned that the hard way. Monterrey oak was a trade name owned by Lone Star Growers of San Antonio. They went out of business and apparently didn't protect the name. Some growers and suppliers still use the name causing some confusion. Make sure to verify the botanical name when using this great tree.



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