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Morning Glory

Morning Glory Ipomoea spp. (eye-po-MAY-ah)

TYPE:  Annuals and Perennials for sun to part shade.  Tall growing and wide spreading

SPACING: 4 - 8 feet

HABIT:  Summer flowers in many colors. Fast-growing annuals. Ipomoea leptophylla is the native bush morning glory. Ipomoea alba is the night-blooming moonflower. Ipomoea tricolor is the common morning glory. Ipomoea quamoclit is the cypress vine or cardinal climber. Morning glory is a kissing cousin to field bindweed and can grow to 16 feet, depending on the species. Control by increasing organic matter in the soil.

Photo by Frankie Beckman

CULTURE:  Grows easily in any soil with very little maintenance.

USES:  Summer color

PROBLEMS:  Various caterpillars.

NOTE:  Easy to grow from seed, likes poor soil, can be invasive. Moon flower (I. alba) has large white blossoms that open at night.

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