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This is very crucial to become informed about.  They have included horses in this as "meat animals."  NAIS will destroy small ranchers, farmers, and breeders.  And this also concerns people that own horses just for pleasure!!  This is only the beginning.  If this gets passed, I believe we're in for some other hidden actions down the road!  If they can pass this, who's to say they won't change the status of personal property with these animals.  But my concern is even more taxes, whether they incorporate that tax into our *property* taxes.. or as a luxury tax or something new they make up.. it's definitely going to be hitting our pocketbooks!  As if we'd have any money left after having to pay for the initial identification tags, let alone all the newborns after that!

Take a serious look at NAIS.  Do your research!  Look for petition sites.. start your own state petitions! 

Thanks for reading this!

If you own horses, livestock, farm animals of all kinds  please read the Federal Plan!
For More Information:

Petitions to fight this are now in existance.  Some are listed below, as well as a group that is working to fight this, and a Care2 group.

*Care2 Group:


*Petitions started: 





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