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Tropaeolum majus      (tro-PIE-oh-lum MAY-jus)   


Annual herb. Sun to part shade Height and width varies with varieties.  


Spacing: 1-3 feet    


HABIT: Fragrant flowers of red, brown, maroon, yellow, gold, and orange. Available in both single and double forms. Fast growing annual flowering herb. Climbing and dwarf bush types are available.


CULTURE: Native to Mexico and Peru. Easy to grow during the cooler months.


USES: Annual beds, pots, hanging baskets. Leaves, flowers, and unripe seedpods have a delicious peppery flavor and are excellent in salads and other dishes. Source of vitamin C. All parts of the plant are edible.


PROBLEMS:  Hot weather, aphids.


NOTES: Terrific plant that is easy to grow from seed.








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