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Natural Organic Living & Growing at Mother Earth News Fair


Howard Garrett explains how a simple, natural organic program for gardening and landscaping on residential and commercial projects works better in every way ... including from an economic standpoint. He shows how his management program can result in a 40 to 50 percent cost savings in water use, and he will also answer specific questions from the audience about pests, plants and procedures.

Howard Garrett is recognized as one of the leaders in the research, education and promotion of natural organic products and practices. Garrett was born in Pittsburg, Texas, graduated from Pittsburg High School in 1965, received a bachelor's degree from Texas Tech University in 1969 and served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves from 1970 to 1977. He has extensive experience in natural organic gardening, landscape contracting, greenhouse growing, golf course planning and maintenance, and organic product development. Garrett provides state-of-the-art advice on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pet health, composting, pest control and how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Click here for Howard's 2017 Appearance Schedule.

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