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Inane Comments about Natural Organic Programs


I've been studying, practicing and recommending organics for about 30 years. During that time, I have read and heard many incorrect and inane comments about the natural organic method. Below you can read the absolute stupidest one of all. These morons are probably not smart enough to learn anything new, but if they would actually look into this issue honestly, they would find the truth that organic production saves somewhere around 50% on water because biologically healthy soil stores water more efficiently and healthy plants with mycorrhizal fungi on the roots access and use water more efficiently. It's not even close to a secret that pesticide use has skyrocketed with the expansion of genetically modified crops, especially the use of Roundup. And on the subject of fertilizer, organic fertilizers improve the soil with every application, but synthetic fertilizers are basically salts and damage the soil with each application. And thus water requirements increase with synthetic fertilizers.

Here's their ridiculous proposal to tax organic products:

Economists: Tax Organic Products To Solve CA Water Crisis

Why tax organic products? Organic farms don’t use water nearly as efficiently as conventional farms do, argue Terry Anderson and Henry Miller, economists with the Property and Environment Research Center and the Hoover Institution. A water tax on organic products would be a much better idea than mandating water use.

“Organic agriculture is particularly insidious because it bans the cultivation of crop varieties crafted with molecular genetic-modification techniques, which are particularly relevant during droughts,” the two wrote. “Not only do genetically engineered crops offer higher yields with less use of insecticides, but they can be crafted to withstand droughts, and to be irrigable with lower-quality (such as brackish) water.”

“Pest- and disease-resistant genetically engineered crop varieties also indirectly improve water use. Because much of the loss to insects and diseases occurs after the plants are fully grown - that is, after most of the water required to grow a crop has already been applied - this means more agricultural output per unit of water invested,” the economists wrote.

“We aren’t holding our breath waiting for Governor Moonbeam and his followers to adopt our proposal, even if it might result in more efficient agricultural production and water conservation,” the economist concluded. “But until California devises constructive incentives for water conservation, the vagaries of Mother Nature will continue to create water shortages.” Daily Caller 05/18/2015

For more information on natural organic programs, go to and the Texas Organic Research Center.

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Naturally yours,
Howard Garrett

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