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Nature's Guide

Nature’s Guide was developed by a group of dedicated gardening enthusiasts to produce a line of lawn and garden products that provide superior results without the use of chemicals. Nature’s Guide provides the home gardener, landscaper and farmer natural environmentally safe products. Modern research and technology has been used to develop traditional natural products and formulate new ones using safe natural substances. The Nature’s Guide family of products includes fertilizers, soil amendments, mulches, insect controls, disease controls and weed controls. Each product is based on proven natural ingredients in both traditional and modern combinations for best results. With Nature’s Guide you get the most productive, most attractive and most trouble free landscape and garden.

Organic products. Garrett Juice, Molasses, Vinegar, Fertilizer, Compost, Mulch, Lava & Green Sands, Fire Ant, Mosquito & Insect Control, Corn Gluten & Meal, D.E., Orange Oil, Garlic, Seaweed, Fish.

Nature's Guide
1418 Upfield Drive.
Carrollton, TX 75006



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