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New Year Resolutions 2015

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New Year Resolutions 2015.


Yes, it’s annoying – but time for resolutions. Here are some things I recommend you consider.

Healthy Living

1. Stop smoking and chewing. (That goes especially for some of my golf buddies)
2. Stop touching your face with hands. (Major way to get colds and the flu)
3. Stop wearing shoes that are too small. (Toes need to spread out)
4. Stop using microwaves.
(It’s just moronic)
5. Stop using regular salt - use sea salt. (Trace minerals are the main benefit)
6. Exercise, lose weight, tone up.
(Walk, cut down on sugar and breads, and do yoga)
7. Always eat breakfast. (But skip a meal from time to time)
8. Drink 8 oz of filtered water first thing in the AM. (And several more during the day)
9. Eat grass-fed meats, eggs and dairy products. (Even better if they are organic).
10. Use natural cures when possible. (See my Herbs for Texas book)

Here’s the link to my health page: Link

Gardening / Landscaping

1. Stop using toxic chemicals, go organic.
Stop planting plants too deep
Stop using peat moss.
Stop using pine bark.
Stop wrapping and staking trees.
Stop catching grass clippings.
7. Stop tilling after soil is healthy.
Stop raking, bagging and gathering leaves.
Stop over-watering plants.
10. Stop listening to Chemical Pushers

Organic Products to Start Using

1. MaestroGro fertilizers and amendments especially Texas Tea and Garrett Juice
Pro, GreenSense fertilizer and amendments
Black Kow compost
Azomite rock minerals
Medina fertilizers and amendments
5. Smart Pot fabric planting containers

For pets – Victor Dog and Cat foods are top of the quality chart in this category.

Human Health Products

1. Dr. Ohirra’s Probiotics
Crazy Water
Chia Omega
4. Kyolic Garlic.

If you don’t mind me saying so, all of my books should probably go in this quality list for the next year’s gardening – especially the Herb Book, Bug Book, Organic Manual and the brand new Organic Lawn Care book.

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Naturally yours,
Howard Garrett

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