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New Year's Resolutions - A Different Angle Newsletter



A Different Angle


Little different New Year's resolution for you to consider. Let's work together to get the following done.

  • Get rid of Roundup. This is the most prevalent toxic pesticide to get rid of. It has been marketed brilliantly as a "safe product that doesn't last in the environment" but that's not true. It has been linked to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer and autism in children, among other health problems. Here's just one document containing important data Glyphosate - New Study, but there is much more on
  • Teach the world how to plant trees properly. Almost all trees are planted incorrectly these days. The most serious violation is that they are planted too low in the ground. Here are the details on how to plant properly and solve the problem. Planting Trees Properly.
  • Fix trees that have been planted too deep. The extremely high percentage of shade trees, ornamental trees and especially fruit trees can be saved and brought into healthy conditions by removing the soil and mulch from the flares and fixing the circling and girdling roots. Root Flare Management.
  • Use natural-organic products on all food crops and home sitesThe Basic Organic Program is the approach that works better in every way. 

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Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett


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