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Note from Howard - New Radio Home

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I have to admit to being a little nervous as I opened my mic to do the first show at KSKY. Doing something for 16 years at one place creates a comfort level that is powerful. The status quo- it is a significant force. As you probably know, I have never been afraid of change, but the unknown affects even the most cavalier of us. KSKY made it easy with the staff doing the technical work and top management being there in person for the opening show. Everyone was extremely helpful.

Although WBAP and Disney were excellent companies to work with, KSKY, the Salem Radio Network and Dirt Doctor, Inc. have a similar vision, and this new partnership is taking a major step into converting the world to organics. KSKY is already investing considerable time and money in to marketing and promoting The Dirt Doctor radio show, so do not be surprised if you see my mug around more than you would like.

I am greatly flattered that so many of you were concerned about my whereabouts. I hope you all understand that due to contractual restrictions, my staff and I could not do or say anything until literally a few days before the agreement was complete.

I am obviously delighted that so many of you have followed me to my new radio home. I am equally pleased that
all but one of the advertisers that have supported me on radio, banner ads and in the DIRT have joined me at the new place. All of this support is important, because without listeners and advertisers - there's no show! I have already received significant interest from other stations where The Dirt Doctor radio show will soon be broadcast as the syndication part of the plan. Being able to help more people is exciting.
Hope you enjoy this month’s edition of the DIRT. If you have any suggestions, bring 'em on.
April 2006

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