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Perennial           Sun      Height 2¡ä¨C10¡ä Spread 3¡ä¨C10¡ä                     Spacing 3¡ä¨C6¡ä


HABIT:              Showy ornamental grasses with slender leaves and flower plumes from July to October.

CULTURE:        Easy to grow in most any soil in sun to light shade. Moderate water and fertilizer                                     requirements.

USES:              Specimen, medium height border, summer flowers.

PROBLEMS:     None.

NOTES:            Several varieties available with different heights and flower colors.                                              There are many terrific ornamental grasses that are well adapted and grow well                               here. Good decorative grasses well adapted here include Hamlen dwarf, zebra                                  grass, Mexican feather grass and purple fountain grass.

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