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Oak, Lacey

Smokey Oak, Canyon Oak, Rich Oak
Quercus laceyi (syn. Q. glaucoides)
KWER-kus LACE-ee-eye

SUN:  Height. 25 - 35 feet    Spread 15 - 20 feet  Spacing 15 - 20 feet

HABIT:  Beautiful, small to medium-sized tree with blue-green mature foliage and peach-colored new growth and fall color.

CULTURE:  Easy to grow and adapts to many soils from sand to heavy clays.

USES:  Small shade tree for extremely well drained and/or dry areas.

PROBLEMS:  It lacks availability in the trade. Not able to stand wet soil continuously.

NOTES:  Must have excellent drainage.  The leaves are quite small in comparison to other oaks. Lacey oak is a trouble-free tree that should be used much more in the landscape. Not recommended by everyone.

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