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Oak, Mexican




OAK, MEXICAN            Monterrey Oak 

Quercus polymorpha                  (KWER-kus poly-MORF-ah)            

Deciduous to semi-deciduous    Sun      Height . 40-60 feet    Spread 30 - 40 feet    Spacing 20-30 feet


HABIT:  Monterrey oak is a deciduous to evergreen, medium sized shade tree that has thick, rounded, dark green leaves. It has little to no fall color.


CULTURE:        Easy to grow in well-drained soil with one exception – freeze damage is a possibility in the northern part of the state.


USES:              Unusual shade tree.


PROBLEMS:     It has few problems other than possible freeze damage in the far northern part of the state.

NOTES:            Beavers seem to love chewing on this tree – I learned that the hard way. Monterrey oak is said to be a trademarked name owned by Lone Star Growers of San Antonio. Evergreen in the southern tip of Texas and in Mexico.


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