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Organic Club of America January 19, 2013

Healthy Living and Growing Seminar content_img.9505.img.jpg
for Organic Club of America Members


Saturday, January 19, 2013  

10am – 3pm

Seminar Features:


·         Growing Edible Gardens

·         Howard Garrett’s Basic Organic Program

·         Haint Blue Ceilings

·         Grass Fed Meats and Non-Toxic Foods

·         Trees: Planting, Care, Root Flare

·         Pest Control

·         Bed Preparation

·         Natural Nutrition & Health

·         Bird Feeding

·         Fruit Tree Program

·         Snake Encounters

·         Question & Answers

·         Benefits of Dr. Ohirra’s Probiotics

·         Soil and Water Testing

·         Flea Control & Tick Control

·         Mosquito Control that Works

·         Natural Remedies – Weeds, Head       Lice  Foot Fungus, Insect Bites and more.  

·         Natural Living and Caring information for Pets



Howard Garrett, “The Dirt Doctor” is teaming up with a fabulous list of speakers to present and educate how to live and garden in a healthier environment while saving money.  Howard is an author, talk show host, landscape architect and arborist. He is known for his expert advice and information on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pet health,  pest control and natural living.  


FREE for Organic Club of America Members 

Organic Club of America membership entitles you to seminars, answers from Howard on a priority basis, special offers, Dirt Doctor Radio Webcam, seeds from the Dirt Doctor’s garden, and a full year of DIRT articles.


Membership is $24.95 per year (about $2.00 per month)  


Join or Renew to attend this exceptional event.



Prize drawings throughout the event for: Mosquito Control System, Rehoboth Ranch Meats,  Howard Garrett Books, Scram Products, Crazy Water, STIHL, Dr. Ohhira’s Products, Haint Blue Paint, Seeds, Gardening Products and so much more.


*Allen Public Library, 300 N. Allen Drive - Allen, TX 75013. RSVP will be sent to Members soon.


Join or Renew Organic Club of America Membership. Or call 866-444-3478

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