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Organic Club of America


The Organic Club of America is a community of people with passion for natural organic gardening and living.

Organic Club of America Member Benefits

  • Access to research and information from the Dirt Doctor.
  • The Dirt – Howard’s online articles and hot topics – exclusive to Members.
  • Answers from Howard on a priority basis.
  • Online seminars.
  • Retail coupons and special offers for product samples.
  • Seeds from the Dirt Doctor’s garden (when available).
  • Interaction with other members to share photos and tips.
  • Subscription to Howard’s weekly newsletter (if not receiving it).
  • Promotions and contests.
  • Opportunities to participate in Dirt Doctor research.

A membership is $24.95 per year (about $2.00 per month) and includes a 30 day trial guarantee.

Most importantly, your membership helps support the Texas Organic Research Center. TORC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit research institute focusing on the practical solutions of organic approaches in gardening, landscape management and agribusiness. Better tasting, more nutritious and more cost effective food is the target. Health is the ultimate goal. Continuing to do research and testing of natural organic products and techniques is the TORC mission.

Join the Organic Club of America

If you have any questions on this newsletter or any other topic, tune in Sunday 8am -11am CST to the Dirt Doctor Radio Show. The phone number for the show is 1-866-444-3478. Listen on the internet or find a station in your area.

Please share this newsletter with everyone in your address book and all your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help me spread the word on organics.

Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett

*Existing Members can receive the same gifts by renewing your membership after you Log In.


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