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A while back, I told someone on my radio show that they could find out about all the good organic fertilizers by going to the Organic Library on and looking under “Fertilizers” or “Organic Fertilizers.”  Oops!  We did not have these topics.  Although there was lots of information scattered through the site, there was no comprehensive listing. Well here it is now.

Dry Products
Medina Growin Green Organic Granular Fertilizer
Medina Micronutrients
Medina Plus

Liquid Products
HastaGro 12-4-8 Lawn Food*
HastaGro 6-12-6 Plant Food*
HuMate Liquid Humus

Rabbit Hill Farms
Azalea Food 3-5-2
Kelp Meal  2-0-5
Rabbit Manure
Rose Food
Tomato & Pepper Food

Garden Glo 4-8-4
NaturalONE Sea Mist Super Seaweed Plus
Rose Glo 6-8-4
SourceONE 4-2-3 Sea Spray
Texas Tee 6-2-4

Basic Meals, General Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Afalfa Meal
Bat guano
Blood meal
Bone meal
Corn gluten meal
Cottonseed meal
Decomposed granite
Fish meal
Whole ground cornmeal
Kelp meal
Lava sand
Rabbit manure
Rock phosphate
Seaweed meal
Soy meal

Liquid Products General
Apple cider vinegar
Compost tea
Fish hydrolysate (Liquid fish)
Garrett Juice
Humic acid

* These are “bridge” or “transition” products that contain some synthetic ingredients and are not acceptable in organic programs.  They are included in this list because they are important in helping some people make the switch.  They are certainly better than pure synthetic products.

To find out where to purchase these products, follow this link to my website: Dirt Doctor Destinations.

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Also, here is a short video on Why you should go Organic

Naturally yours,
Howard Garrett
The Dirt Doctor


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