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Organic Food, Real


Mouths of the World Demand Real Organic Food

New Short film by creators of The Meatrix debuts January 23

NAPA, Calif. (January 22, 2007) – Beginning tomorrow, January 23, Mouths of the world will unite to take a stand against trans fats, artificial ingredients, GMOs and pesticides in a new short film by the director of the most-watched internet films of all time.  Annie’s Homegrown, makers of delicious alternatives to traditional comfort foods, and Free Range Studios, creators of The Meatrix and Store Wars, have partnered to produce the Mouth Revolution, a new short film that touts the benefits of choosing organic foods, at

The Mouth Revolution is a humorous 4.5-minute live-action film that parodies history and contemporary culture while informing viewers about the vital importance of eating real, organic foods.  Narrated by revolutionary mouths who take it upon themselves to decide what they will and will not eat, personalities like “Sojourner Tooth” and “Captain Mouth” unveil their "Mouthifesto" -- a Declaration of Indigestion that details their objectives and demands:  No Trans Fats, No GMOs, No Pesticides, and No Artificial Ingredients.

“At Annie’s, we’re committed to offering delicious snacks and macaroni & cheese meals that don’t contain “weird stuff” like artificial ingredients, Trans fats or GMOs.  We’re also dedicated to teaching people why they should choose natural and organic foods,” said John Foraker, CEO, Annie’s Homegrown.  “The Mouth Revolution is a fun, lighthearted way to spread this message.  We urge mouths everywhere to join the Mouth Revolution and take a stand in favor of eating Real Food!”

“Our on-line viral work is all about making complicated issues ‘digestible.’  Our first smash hit, the Meatrix, exposed the horrors of factory farming. Now we’re using live action video to show people how they can take control and eat healthy.  If they don’t, their mouths will do it for them,” said Jonah Sachs, Co-founder and President, Free Range Studios.

Louis Fox, director of the video and Free Range Co-founder,  adds,  "we took that child's game where you make a puppet out of your mouth by drawing eyes on your  chin to and then amped it up all the way. We're quite confident that the Mouth Revolution is the best upside-down mouth movie in cinema history!"

At the end of the film, viewers are invited to take action by learning more about each Moutifesto article.   They’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Trans fats, GMOs, pesticides and artificial ingredients, and can connect with organizations who are working to change current legislation around these issues.  Non-profit partners include the Organic Consumers Association, Pesticide Action Network, Campaign to Label GMOs and Trans Free America.

Viewers can also use Web 2.0 "Upload Your Mouth" technology to interact and join the Mouth Revolution community in their own creative way.

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