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Organic Management Professional New Book

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New Book is Here

It has taken a while to create and get this book produced, but it is finally here. The book was written with my friends John Ferguson and Mike Amaranthus. John is a leading Texas composting and soil scientist and Dr. Mike is the country’s leading expert on mycorrhizal fungi.



The book is indeed written for the professional in the industries of growing plants, but it is also for homeowners and developers in the position of hiring people who can understand and implement the natural organic program to build soil health, grow plants successfully, save money and improve the environment.

Here is the title and description: Organic Management for the Professional, the Natural Way for Landscape Architects and Contractors, Commercial Growers, Golf Course Managers, Park Administrators, Turf Managers, and Other Stewards of the Land. It's the first comprehensive guide to “going green” in large-scale landscaping. Click here to purchase the book.

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