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(A book that's also for the homeowner)

“The Natural Way for Landscape Architects and Contractors, Commercial Growers, Golf Course Managers, Park Administrators, Turf Managers, and Other Stewards of the Land” is the subtitle but this book is also an excellent resource for any homeowner wanting greater details about gardening and landscaping.

Written with geologist John Ferguson and mycorrhizal fungus expert Mike Amaranthus, our book offers detailed, proven instructions for designing and managing large and small-scale projects organically.

Can you manage the landscape of a golf course, city park or corporate campus without synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides? Absolutely! Organic landscaping is not only possible, but it also makes sense both economically and environmentally. It promotes healthy soils and plants that require less water and sequester more carbon - a winning combination for both your bottom line and environmental protection. 

Organic Management for the Professional presents the material in clear, simple terms so that property owners can understand what to ask of their landscape architects, contractors, growers and maintenance people. The book gives detailed, proven instructions for the key components of organic landscaping - soil building, correct planting techniques, fertilizing, pest control, compost and mulch. It shows how to apply these organic methods and tools in large-scale landscaping, commercial growing (orchards, tree farms, nurseries, and greenhouse operations), recreational properties (golf courses, parks, and sports fields) and residential gardens.

The book is indeed written for the professional in the industries of growing plants, but it is also for homeowners and developers in the position of hiring people who can understand and implement the natural organic program to build soil health, grow plants successfully, save money and improve the environment.

Buy in your favorite bookstore, online or by calling 866-444-3478 to get the book and support the Texas Organic Research Center (TORC).

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