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Organic Manual by Howard Garrett



The Organic Manual

Around the world, everyone is talking about environmental issues and the concept of “going green.” Natural organic gardening and landscaping are among the most important parts of that movement.  Some organic proponents only say to stop using the chemicals, recycle and save water. Well, how do you do that?
The Organic Manual: Natural Organic Gardening and Living for Your Family, Plants and Pets explains in detail what to do instead. My newly revised fourth edition starts with the advice of stopping the use of toxic chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, but goes on, in great detail, about the practical alternatives. The organic method has no geographic boundaries and The Organic Manual is one of the few books effective for use coast to coast and border to border.
The best kept secret of all (uncovered in this book) is that the organic program is better in every way. Whether it’s growing beautiful landscaping or delicious healthy food crops, The Organic Manual explains:
  • How to get started, how to feed your soil instead of poison it, and how to make compost.
  • Handling weeds, insect pests and disease with healthy effective controls.
  • Sources for plants, organic products and beneficial insects.
  • Pet management and natural living advice.
Thousands of homeowners and gardeners have switched to the organic program. Not only is the organic method most efficient, most cost effective, and the most fun of any approach, it also produces the best trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables that you’ll ever grow.
Purchase The Organic Manual and other Howard Garrett books in book stores everywhere. Also available in independent garden centers, nurseries, quality hardware and other fine stores. 

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Howard Garrett

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