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Organic food & farming! Politicians support

Food, Farming, & Organics

"The act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown is perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth."   -Frances Moore-Lappe
Corn field

The GNA Platform: The Organic Consumers Fund's 2008 Grassroots Netroots Alliance Survey asks candidates and elected officials whether they support strict organic standards, mandatory labels for genetically engineered food, and the conversion of U.S. farmland to organic. The results are starting to come in...

2008 Grassroots Netroots Alliance Survey Results:

The Organic Questions

Question 2D Do you support the conversion of 20% of U.S. farmland to energy-efficient and carbon-sequestering organic farming by 2020 and 50% by 2040, with at least 5-10% of the USDA's annual $90 billion budget immediately being targeted to rebuild local food systems and help farmers make the transition to organic?

On the local and state level, do you support tax breaks for farmers making the conversion to organic, as Woodbury County, Iowa has done, "Farm to Cafeteria" legislation, like Washington state's, and other local and state-based efforts to provide technical assistance and subsidies to farmers and ranchers making the transition to organic agriculture?

Politicians who answered, “Yes”:


Politicians who answered, “No”:

Question 3E  Do you support strict organic standards and consumers' right to know whether their food contains ingredients that have been genetically engineered, cloned, irradiated, or produced through the use of nanotechnology, as well as mandatory labeling for the country of origin of foods?

On the local level, would you support a ban on genetically engineered crops, similar to those in place in a number of California counties?

Politicians who answered, “Yes”:

Politicians who answered, “Undecided”:

Politicians who answered, “No”:

Politicians who didn’t answer the question:

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