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HAWTHORN, PARSLEY Parsleyleaf Hawthorn 

Crataegus mashallii        (krah-TEEG-us MAR-shul-eye)

Deciduous        Sun to part shade          Height 25 feet   Spread 25 feet    Spacing 10 - 20 feet


HABIT:  Beautiful small tree white flowers in spring, delicate parsley-like foliage and red fruit (haws) in fall. Flaky bark and usually multiple trunks.

CULTURE:        Does best in sandy, acid soil but fairly adaptable elsewhere, drought tolerant.

USES:              Understory tree, specimen garden tree.

PROBLEMS:     Cedar apple rust, aphids and other insects

NOTES:            Found mostly in the higher, well-drained rocky soils. Native to East Texas. Texas hawthorn (C. texana) is quite similar. Reverchon is another Texas native that has shiny, narrower leaves.

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