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BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus persica

FAMILY: Rosaceae

TYPE AND USE: Deciduous tree with edible flowers and fruit

LOCATION: Full sun

PLANTING DATES: Spring or fall

PLANTING METHODS: Transplants, balled and burlapped, bare-rooted, or container-grown. Can be grown from seed, but the fruit probably won’t be very good.

SEED EMERGENCE: Do not plant from seed

HARVEST TIME: Summer when fruit is ripe

HEIGHT:  15 feet

SPREAD:  15 feet

FINAL SPACING:  25-30 feet

GROWTH HABITS:  Small tree with early spring flowers and summer fruit.

CULTURE:  The peach tree is one of the hardest-to-grow fruit trees in Texas. Peaches require lots of tender, loving care. The problems can be controlled with organic techniques. Super healthy soil is imperative, mulch on the soil is critical, and foliar feeding is a must. Prune out the two years gray shoots in late winter.

TROUBLES AND SOLUTIONS:  Most of the disease problems can be minimized with the basic organic program. Flare-ups can be knocked back with Garrett Juice plus garlic and potassium bicarbonate. Insect pests can be controlled with citrus-based products.

HARVEST AND STORAGE:  Harvest the fruit when slightly soft to the touch and ripe. Eat immediately or store in a cool, dry place.

VARIETIES:  Denman, Harvester, Redskin, Ranger, Loring, Sentinel, Spring Gold, Magestic, and Bicentennial. Avoid Alberta, June Gold, and Sam Houston. See charts in appendix.

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