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Catharanthus roseus      (ca-tha-RAN-thus ro-SAY-us)

Annual Full  direct sun    Height 9 - 12 inches  Spread 12 -15 inches  Spacing 9 -12 inches


HABIT:              Low, compact annual for dry, extremely well-drained areas.


CULTURE:        Plant in any well-drained bed in full sun after the weather turns permanently warmer.


USES:              Summer color in full sun.


PROBLEMS:     Too much water or planting too early in the spring is sure death for this plant.


NOTES:            Always plant the dwarf varieties so they won’t droop over.  Native  to Madagascar. Many gardeners have stopped planting periwinkles because of the disease Phytophthora, but it can be avoided with the organic program.    Periwinkles must be grown in full sun all day long and the morning sun is the most important sunshine of the day for plants.


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