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My cure is worth trying.

Crape myrtle bark scale.

"There is no effective control for this very damaging disease.” This is an insect pest that is “proving exceptionally difficult to control.”
Those statements are just not true.
So called experts will tell you that there is no solution to certain tough plant diseases or insect pests, but I never like to give up that easy. In this category are photinia leaf spot (Entomosporium), oak wilt, rose rosette, and crape myrtle bark scale (CMBS). I would always first try using the Sick Tree Treatment - because it works.
Here is an update of the Sick Tree Treatment from the new Organic Manual just published by Mother Earth News. Step 1 is always the proper exposure of the root flare.

Trees with Buried Root Flares.

content_img.3874.img.jpg  content_img.3873.img.jpg  

Trees with Properly Exposed Root Flares.

  content_img.3877.img.jpg  content_img.3878.img.jpg


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Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett
The Dirt Doctor

P.S. For the past 100 years, our agricultural and medical education has moved away from lifestyle and natural organic recommendations towards manufactured toxic chemicals and pharmaceutical management. Our poor health is directly related to this industrial evolution which is destroying the nutrients in and the medicinal quality of food that has existed for thousands of years.

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