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Prepare new planting beds by scraping away existing grass and weeds, adding 4-6" of compost and tilling the mix 3" into the native soil. Good additional ingredients include rock powders such as granite sand, greensand, lava sand, zeolite or soft rock phosphate at 40-80 lbs/1,000 sq. ft. and organic fertilizer at 20 lbs/1,000 sq. ft. Do not use pine bark, peat moss, concrete sand, artificial fertilizers, or artificial weed block fabrics.


Potted plants should repotted as follows:




The bound roots must be severed.




Soak the root ball in Garrett Juice and water.




Backfill with quality potting soil and mulch with lava gravel if you have problems with squirrels digging as many gardeners do.





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