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Iceland Poppy                                                                           

Papaver spp.         pa-PAY-ver                        

Annual Sun

Ht. 1’-4’ Spread 1’-3’ Spacing 9”-15”   

HABIT:                  Annual flower (many colors) but reseeds to return each spring. Lovely flowers on long, slender stems. Lacy and hairy foliage. Blooms usually late April to early May. Some varieties will perennialize.


CULTURE:          Plant seeds directly in beds in September. Likes cool weather.


USES:                   Spring flowers.


PROBLEMS:       Heat. Poppies like cool weather.


NOTES:                Oriental poppy P. orientale, Iceland poppy P. nudicaule, corn poppy P. rhoeas, opium poppy P. somniferum. Native to Greece and the Orient


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