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Potting Shed

Customize Your Potting Shed with Custom Options from Ulrich Barns

Whether you live in the country and grow a big kitchen garden or live in the suburbs and garden only for fun, you can customize an Ulrich shed to make it the perfect potting shed.


Work Benches and Shelving

For your potting workspace, choose our 24-inch-deep work benches. Add pegboard to hang up your tools, keeping them organized and within reach. For larger items or supplies, we can install a set of shelves that measure 16 inches deep.




When you’re designing your garden shed, think about which part of your property has the best view, and make sure you place plenty of windows on that side of your shed. Additionally, if your plants need winter sunlight, consider adding extra windows along the south wall.

Our standard windows are 2x3 ft. Optional upgrades include insulated 2x3 windows, and extra large 3x4 insulated windows as well.



To orient the potting shed within your backyard, doors can be placed at the ends or on the sides of the building. If you’d like to store your lawn mower or garden tractor in your garden shed, we can add a ramp as well as double doors to accommodate bigger equipment. Again, these doors can be positioned on whichever side of your shed makes sense makes for your backyard layout.


Electrical Package

Electricity is not a must for all garden sheds, but it sure does come in handy when you need to use power tools in your garden shed. If good lighting or an air conditioner is a part of your plan, our electrical package is a great choice.



Overhead storage is a great way to keep your main workspace free of clutter. Ulrich lofts come in a variety of configurations, including single, double, and wrap around lofts.


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Now go check out the sheds and cabin shells made by Ulrich. We’re the only shed company that has The Dirt Doctor’s recommendation for quality.

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