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Many people wonder how to accurately determine the moisture in the soil and are looking for advice on how often to water.  I have a great tool just for that purpose to tell you about today. 

One of the best gardening tools you can own is a pipe probe.  Several companies make a version of this tool  Structron makes one that is about 4’ long fiberglass rod with a metal bullet tip and rubber handles.  There are no dials or gauges.  This probe works by feel.  By pushing it into the soil, you can tell instantly whether the soil is too dry or too wet.  It also can be used to find pipes or underground obstructions such as rock and concrete.  Girdling roots on trees can also be detected without digging.  This is a great tool that all serious gardeners should own and use.  It’s available online from several tool companies and Green Mama’s Organic Market, a nursery in North Richland Hills and Redenta’s with stores in Dallas, Arlington and Colleyville, stock it. 




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