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PYRACANTHA (Firethorn)                   Evergreen – Sun

Pyracantha spp.                                  Ht. 3’-15’ Spread 3’-15’

pie-ra-CAN-tha                                    Spacing 4’-8’

 HABIT:    Large sprawling, vine like, thorny shrub. White flowers in spring, red or orange berries in fall and winter. Can grow free form as a shrub or be trained to wall or fence.

CULTURE: Likes well prepared, well drained beds. Good positive drainage is critical. Needs careful pruning to control growth. Consistent fertilization is important.       

USES:   Barrier, screen, or mass planting.

PROBLEMS: Aphids, scale, lacebugs, mealybugs, red spider, root rot.

NOTES:   Also called firethorn. Dwarf forms are available and are better for mass planting. I do not really recommend any of them. Many have died out around the state. Native to Europe and Asia.

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