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Raised Bed Organic Vegetable Garden Newsletter

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Steps to a Raised Bed Organic Vegetable Garden


Step 1 Determine what you will be growing

  • Sprawling crops like melons may need vertical support.
  • Upright crop like tomatoes.
  • Space requirements vary.


Step 2 Select site, size, shape and number of beds

  • 4’x 4’ and 4’x 8’ are ideal for backyard gardens.
  • Longer is OK but widths larger than 4’ are difficult to access.
  • Full sun with late afternoon shade is best.
  • Don’t hide your garden – it can be a pretty part of the landscape.
  • Near water source is important.


Step 3 Prepare site

  • Remove sod/weeds physically and toss in the compost pile.
  • Newspaper or cardboard can be used to block grass and weeds from regrowing.
  • Allow for walkways of shredded native tree trimmings.


Step 4 Purchase materials, construct bed

  • Many choices for edging or none at all.
  • Add soil / amendments - Bed Prep: mix compost, rock minerals, sugar and organic fertilizer to native soil.


Step 5 Mulch surrounding walkways

  • Native tree trimmings or cedar is best.
  • Do not use landscape fabric or plastic, pine bark, cypress, dyed or rubber mulch. 


Step 6 Planting and maintenance


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Originally published 2014





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