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Rat Snake



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When hatched they are about 9 to 11 inches long and grow to lengths of over six feet.

Color:  As they grow their color changes and the pattern of adults is more subdued. The background color of an adult  Rat Snake will range from shades of brown to yellow and even orange.

Rat Snakes are an ill-tempered snake if encountered in the wild, and will defend themselves. This usually involves coiling up, raising the head, striking out repeatedly at anything that gets too close and vibrating the tail. This vibrating of the tail often causes them to be mistaken for a rattlesnake; however, they do not have rattles on the tail.  If you were to encounter a rat snake all that is needed medically is to washed the area thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water - they can hardly break the skin.


Diet: Mice and rats, causing  them to be seen in any place inhabited by rodents - including human homes.


They are a great form of natural rodent control. 



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