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Really Going Green

“Green washing” is all over the place. Even NFL football and other corporate giants have tried to elbow on board. The three most important steps of truly going green, being useful and not just providing “green washing” are these:



  • Stop using the smelly products that greet you inside the doors of the big box stores - the high-nitrogen, synthetic, soluble fertilizers that are so destructive to the health of the soil, water and air and the toxic chemical pesticides. Start using products that build and maintain life in the soil without polluting the soil, water and air. They include compost, organic fertilizers, natural rock minerals and biological stimulators. And the natural organic pest control products work better anyway. Here are some recommended products: ACCEPTABLE & UNACCEPTABLE PRODUCTS IN AN ORGANIC PROGRAM
  • Stop leaving irrigation systems on auto settings and change to manual settings so watering is only when you or some designated person pushes the button. Over-watering and watering during and after rains are huge wastes of resources and cause dramatic damage to the environment. Watering too much isn’t good for your plants anyway.
  • Stop removing organic material from commercial and residential sites. Cities should make it illegal for grass clippings and tree trimmings to be picked up at taxpayer expense and removed to city landfills. The clippings should be left on the lawns and the tree trimmings should be shredded and used as the best mulch in the world or a great ingredient in the compost. Everybody wins!


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Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett

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