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My most common question continues to be “where can I find the products that you recommend.” In close second place are questions related the basic organic program and how to use the products. These products are available online or through hardware stores, farm stores, garden centers, grocery or health stores who stock them or can get them for you from their distributors. To help get the products into more stores across the country, here’s a list of products I recommend in categories along with contact information. At the end of the list, find links to the Basic Organic Program and a document of acceptable and unacceptable products from the Texas Organic Research Center (


  • Black Kow (Texas and Southeast U.S.) - 
  • Corn gluten meal (widely available)
  • Garrett Juice, Garrett Juice Plus and Garrett Juice Pro (across the U.S.)   
  • Good Natured (Texas)
  • Medina (Texas, Central and Southeast U.S) - - 
  • Nature's Creation (Texas) 
Rock Minerals
  • Azomite Mineral Products (across the U.S.) - - 301-219-7540
  • Lava sand
Microbe Stimulators/Sugars
  • Dry molasses (widely available)
  • Whole ground cornmeal (widely available)
Pest Control
  • AgraLawn Crabgrass Killer (across the U.S.) - - 512 470 6135
  • Hydrogen peroxide (widely available)
  • Medina orange oil - - 830-426-3011
  • Natural diatomaceous earth (widely available)
  • Spinosad (widely available)
  • Summit Mosquito Control Bti (across the U.S.) - - 800-227-8664
Hard Goods
  • DRAMM Lawn & Garden Tools (across the U.S.) - - 920-684-0227
  • Howard Garrett books (in bookstores everywhere)
Health and Nutrition
  • Crazy Water - - 940-325-8870
  • Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics (across the U.S.) - - 972-255-3918
  • Reg’Activ (across the U.S.) - - 972-255-3918
  • Young Vitality Stem Cell Therapy - - 800-341-2650
For details about the Basic Organic Program, go to this link. 

For complete lists of the generic and specific products that are acceptable and unacceptable check out this link

Here are some other useful resources from

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Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett
The Dirt Doctor


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