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Red Cedar, Eastern



Juniperus virginiana   
joo-NIP-er-us ver-gin-ee-AN-ah 

Evergreen – Sun                                              
Spacing 20-30’
Ht. 40’ Spread 20’

HABIT:  Very small unimpressive flowers in spring; small blue-purple berries in the fall on female plants. Single trunk, upright conical when young, spreading with age. Dark green juniper-like foliage, hard fragrant wood.

CULTURE:   Easy to grow in any soil (even solid rock), if drainage is positive. Drought tolerant.

USES: Shade tree, screen for bad views, evergreen backdrop.

PROBLEMS:   Bagworms, red spider mites.

NOTES:   Is becoming more available as a nursery-grown tree. Many are allergic to the pollen but it’s in the air already from the wild trees. Native to eastern USA and Texas. Mountain cedar (Juniperus ashei) is similar but usually has multiple-stem trunk and does not suffer cedar apple rust fungus.



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