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Rose - Belinda's Dream

Belinda's Dream - pink shrub - cross between Tiffany and Jersey Beauty. Fast growing, upright and sturdy, few disease problems, bluish-green foliage. Flowers are throughout the growing season with a rich, distinctive fragrance.


QUESTION: I have a 'Belinda's Dream' rose that is having problems. When I planted it a few years ago, I put it in a location that had marginal sunlight. So I moved it about a year and a half ago. The plant is happier but still not ecstatic.Right now, it has some sections with beautiful dark green leaves, some with lighter green leaves and some with dark green leaves that have yellow margins.K.Y., Dallas

ANSWER: It needs Garrett Juice with garlic drench applied to the soil in the root zone. Spray the foliage with cornmeal tea.

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