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Rose Rosette Disease

Hi Howard,

I called you 2 or 3 weeks ago about the Rose Rosette disease on my climbing antique rose. I have cut out the infected cane, applied the Sick Tree Treatment and sprayed Garrett Juice formula containing peroxide, orange oil and biowash. I took a lot of photos of the infected part of the plant.


I have been totally organic for over 12 years, but this rose bush is bordering my neighbor's yard. Her knock out roses are also infected and she has not been organic, but is now seeing the light! My knock out rose is doing great, so I'm afraid the problem is due to my bush bordering a non-organic yard. I will keep you posted on the results. 


Joanne Brown

McKinney, TX 75070




 and after shots.



Close up of neighbor's Knockout rose with classic symptoms.


Close up of neighbor's infected knockout rose. Not sure if the bore hole was caused by rose rosette perpetrator or something else.



These photos were taken before the infected canes were pruned from bush.






Close ups of "witches' broom" branching affect.





 Closeups of infected canes.


This is what the infected canes looked like from underneath the bush, looking up.







 content_img.9042.img.jpg    content_img.9041.img.jpg


These 2 photos show what the rosebush looked like in bloom last year, as well as what it looks like after pruning out infected cane.



-Old Blush antique climbing rose planted in 1994

-totally organic since 2000

-adjacent to a lot that is not totally organic


Results: Rosebush is recovering to health and producing healthy new growth.



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