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Rose Rosette Newsletter - 2016


Rose Rosette Newsletter

Roses are looking great all around, yet the scare mongers abound. 

Saying there is no cure for rose rosette is lazy and wrong. Destroying the plants as the only solution is goofy.
There is certainly a different route I would try before taking this give-up approach. I don’t recommend taking the plants out before trimming the damaged growth out and at least trying the Sick Tree Treatment, just as we would for diseased trees. Cut away the diseased stems and clean the tool blades immediately using hydrogen peroxide (never bleach). The Sick Tree Treatment should be applied throughout all the rose beds. The addition of granulated garlic at 2 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. is also helpful.

Next, use the following spray formula:
Into a 1-gallon mix of Garrett Juice use 16 ounces of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (available at drug and grocery stores) in lieu of that much water. Spray the plants thoroughly. Alternate this spraying with the spraying of hydrogen peroxide or a natural organic pest control product.

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Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett

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