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Rough Stink Bug


Common Names:
Brochymena, Rough Stink Bug, Tree Stink Bug

Scientific Name: Order Heteroptera, family Pentatomidae, Brochymena spp.

Size: Adult--1/2" to 5/8"

Identification: Stink bug shaped, brown to mottled gray, dull and roughly pebbled. Long head with antennae are located far in front of the compound eyes. Long beak and toothlike projections on side of pronotum.

Biology and Life Cycle: Adult female lays clusters of pearl-white eggs on twigs, branches, and leaves in the spring. Nymphs hatch and grow slowly into adults that overwinter in mulch, cracks, and crevices. One generation per year. Incomplete metamorphosis.

Habitat: Fruit tree orchards, forests, and landscape trees.

Feeding Habits: Like to eat juicy caterpillars and other soft insects. Actually they just suck out the juice, using their piercing and sucking mouthparts.

Economic importance: Beneficial. Control troublesome caterpillars and other insect pests.

Natural Control: None needed.

Organic Control: None needed.

Insight: Extremely well-camouflaged insects that blend in with tree bark. First notice of these bugs leads most people to think it's a pest stink bug.


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