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Roundup - Poison

Poison of the Week         


This has been one of the most brilliantly market products ever. People think it is total non-toxic and completely safe product to use. People have been lead to believe that it becomes inactive when it hits the soil. Well, all of that is B.S.!

Roundup is far more dangerous than advertised (and promoted by the toxic chemical pushers), does damage to soil life, and despite claims to the contrary, it will kill trees and other desirable plants. I was personally involved in a project in north Dallas where weeds growing through concrete pavers in street medians were sprayed with Roundup. All the live oaks died. In addition, several of my arborist and superintendent friends have reported damage to trees from this herbicide.

As to the claim by the chemical pushers, if not the manufacturers, that the product becomes inactive when it hits the soil is simply not true. There is data related to soil health damage and also more hard data that Roundup has appeared in the ground water. How can it be found in streams and ground water if it breaks down on the surface of the soil? Here are the links we recommend for understanding the technical problems with this product:


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