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Paspalum vaginatum     

Sun                  Height 3/8 – 2 inches

HABIT:              Native to tropical and subtropical regions of North and South America.  In the                             United States, seashore paspalum is found along coastal regions from Texas to                                    Florida and North Carolina southward. Along the Texas coast this species is                                   often the only grass found growing around brackish ponds and estuaries.

CULTURE:        Tolerate of saline soils.  Tolerate brackish sites much it better the bermudagrass.  Perhaps the most extensive planting of in Texas is on the King's Crossing golf course in Corpus Christi.  The entire golf course, except for the putting greens was sprigged with seashore paspalum.  Has to be mowed every 3- 4 days to prevent seed .  Fertilizer requirements of less than for bermudagrass.                          It tolerates wet conditions much better than Bermudagrass.

USE:                Salty sites, golf courses.

NOTES:            Its adaptation is said to be similar to centipede grass.


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