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SPCA Carmen


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Carmen enjoying her new home.

Logan, my daughter, started the pet rescue with the SPCA when she was in Junior High School. Each week a new dog is posted on my website from the SPCA that is in need of a home. During the first hour of my radio broadcast, I describe the new dog up for adoption. We have been pretty successful helping some terrific pets.

Couple of months ago, Judy and Logan decided to visit the Dallas SPCA. They called me saying there was a big ole’ black dog that is just so sweet and we need to get her. I made a feeble argument that we already had two adopted dogs – but the rest of the story is we now have three. 

This pretty girl is Carmen! We had her DNA tested with this cool little test kit that I have talked about on the air. She is a black labrador retriever and German shepherd mix, full grown at 110 pounds, and seven years old. One line in the SPCA description warned me that Carmen loves to play in the water, so a trip to the lake or a day in the pool sounds great to her. I could just see her in the pool and water feature night and day.

Although she is still learning not to snap at the hose when I am watering, she has stayed out of the pool and water feature so far. By the way, that's my 40 year old crimson queen Japanese maple she is posing under.  

I was railroaded on this deal, but I’m glad. Carmen is great and good friends with Hannah and Tater. She actually wrestles with Tater. She and Hannah just put up with each other.


Carmen SPCA adoption photo             


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