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SPCA Pet Adoption, October 18, 2020


Special Announcement:


In an effort to reduce the potential for COVID-19 to spread to more people via gatherings of people and protect the health and well-being of the animals in our care, our staff and volunteers, as well as our community, the SPCA of Texas is closing our shelters, clinics, mobile adoption and mobile wellness events to the public until further notice. Adoptions are by appointment only.


Adoptions will be available by appointment only every Thursday and Saturday. Adoption counseling will be done virtually, and curb-side pickups will be offered whenever possible so that in-person meet and greets can be kept to a minimum. Adopters will need to submit an adoption inquiry form in order to begin the tele-adoption process and schedule an appointment to complete the adoption.


Looking for a new home: Ripley



Meet Ripley, a female, 1-year-old, Shepherd mix weighing 61-pounds. She's a gorgeous gal with big, pointy ears, a rusty red coat and bright brown eyes. She's the goofiest girl you will ever meet and loves leaving her tongue hanging out! She came in to the SPCA as a stray and has been looking for a new place to run around ever since. If you are active, wanting to give lots of head scratches, and looking for the cutest girl around, please fill out an application to come meet her! She is leash trained and knows how to sit on command, and she bets she can learn more tricks since she is so smart. She will need an active owner who is ready to take her on long walks, hikes, or just throw the ball around. She's a pretty young pup so keeping up with her is a must! Please bring everyone in the household to meet her to make sure everyone gets along. Ripley is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas' Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney.


From previous features Fella was adopted! - Dottie, Tanner, Georgie, Favorite, Auggie, Kody, January, Bosco, and Freckles are still waiting for their forever homes.


Please browse our available animals at and visit to inquire about a dog or to inquire about a cat.


Still looking for new homes: Dottie and Tanner


Meet Dottie, a female, 8-year-old, Boxer mix weighing 78-pounds. She’s a big, beautiful lady with a mostly red coat and splashes of white on her muzzle. She is a sweet girl with a silly smile and a big heart! She was found as a stray and is now in search of a loving home to call her own. She was pretty timid when she first arrived at the shelter, so please bring kids under 12 to meet her. She could stand to lose a little weight, so she’s hoping to find an adopter who will take her on daily walks, play with her and keep her in shape. She has a lot of love to give, and can’t wait to find her forever family. Potential adopters get to take her on a test drive through a trial adoption. Dottie is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Jan-Rees Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas.

Meet Tanner, a 7-year-old, American Blue Heeler mix weighing 28-pounds. He’s a pint-sized pup with a red and white speckled coat, triangular ears and brown eyes. He came to the SPCA of Texas through a hoarding case in August, where he had to share his space with a large number of other dogs. He's a sweet, wiggly boy looking for a home of his very own. He's the perfect little buddy, and would love to cuddle up on the couch, play fetch and gets lots of attention from his humans. He would prefer to be the only dog in the home so he can have all the love to himself. Potential adopters get to take him on a test drive through a trial adoption. Tanner is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Jan-Rees Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas.


Still looking for a new home: Georgie



Meet Georgie, a male, 8½-year-old Shepherd mix. He has the BIGGEST ears you will ever see! He came to SPCA of Texas as part of a cruelty case back in February. He lacked the care and socialization he needed to take on the world with confidence, but the staff at the SPCA of Texas have been teaching him all about human kindness and he’s getting braver every day! He’s looking for a calm, quiet home with adults only. He doesn’t know how to walk on leash yet, so his home should have a private, securely fenced backyard while he works on learning that! He enjoys being around other dogs, and would do great with another pup who can help him build his confidence. His adoption fee is currently $30 as part of the "Super Senior September" adoption special! Promotion ends September 30th. Georgie is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Jan-Rees Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas.


Still looking for a new home: Favorite



Meet Favorite, a female, 5½-year-old Hound mix. There’s a reason her name is Favorite, and here's why! She loves cuddling and going on long walks. Her favorite thing is to hang out with her humans once she’s comfortable in the home. She originally came to the SPCA of Texas in February of this year with 150 other animals. She was very timid at first, but has come out of her shell quickly and thinks she will become your "FAVORITE" dog. She spent some time with a foster family, who said that her favorite thing to do is cuddle and that she enjoys spending time outside when she’s not cuddling, sleeping, or going for a walk. She is crate, leash and housetrained, so she’s quite the smart cookie. She would prefer a home with a fenced-in backyard and with adults only. She likes being around other dogs and would be happy to have a doggie sibling. If you are looking for a friendly pup to spend your days with, she is the one for you! Favorite is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Jan-Rees Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas.


Still looking for a new home: Auggie



Meet Auggie, a male, 1½-year-old Labrador Retriever/Catahoula mix. He has a short, smooth rusty red coat, floppy ears, expressive brown eyes and a huge smile! He takes a minute to warm up to new people, but with a little patience and some treats, he warms up quickly. He's a super fun pup with lots of energy, so he loves showing off his running skills in the yard. Sometimes, he gets a little too excited and can't help but jump on people, so his owners will need to continue working with him on that. Overall, he is a young, goofy boy! He'll require an adult only household with a securely fenced backyard. His home will need to be a calm, quiet environment while he gets acclimated, since he can be timid in new situations. His ideal family will be active, loving, and willing to continue working with him on his confidence as well obedience training. He is his best self when he has the ability to play and socialize with other dogs, so it would awesome if he had dog sibling in the home. If not, play dates with friends' dogs are a must! He also loves sticks! Chasing after them, chewing them... he loves 'em. He also REALLY likes chasing the water hose! Auggie's potential adopters even get to take him on a test drive through a trial adoption to make sure it’s a great fit! Auggie is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas' Jan-Rees Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas.


Still looking for a new home



Meet Kody, a 3½-year-old German Shepherd mix with the most handsome smile! He can be a little shy at first, but once he gets to know you, his playful personality really shines. He loves hard and plays hard, so he will need an adopter who can keep up. His foster mom said he’s super smart. He knows sit, down, leave it, and get it! He also learned how to use the bells on the door to go outside in just one day! He sometimes uses his intelligence for mischief and learned to turn over his slow feeder bowl to get his food faster, so now he eats his food out of snuffle mats and he LOVES them. He’ll require a house with a house with a large, private backyard where he can get all of his zoomies out multiple times a day. He’d do best with an active family who are looking for a dog to exercise and play with. He’s kind of a daddy's boy and tends to bond more with men, so hopefully there will be at least 1 male in the home he can look up to. No offense ladies! He can get a bit rowdy sometimes so he's looking for some humans who have experience with large, energetic goofballs like him and no children. If you have other dogs at home, bring them to meet Kody to see if they get along! If you’re looking for a fun-loving dude to stay active with, he’s the one for you! Kody is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Jan-Rees Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas.



Still looking for a new home:



Meet January, a female Retriever/Labrador mix who is 2½ years old. She is a medium-sized dog with the most beautiful shiny brown coat with white on her chest and chin and weighs 32 pounds. January has had a rough life; she was one of 20 dogs seized from a hoarding situation. X-rays revealed metal fragments on various parts of her body from gunshot which caused blindness in one eye. She is heartworm positive and is currently on activity restrictions.She will need special attention as she is very timid, but is learning to trust people. She may flinch when you touch her and she is sensitive to noise. She needs a home that is quiet and calm and has a fenced back yard. She also needs to live with adults only. She is on medication, so her adopter will need to administer her meds. If you’re looking for a sweet little gal to be your couch companion, January is the one for you and is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney.


Still looking for a new home: Bosco


Meet Bosco, who just turned one year old. He’s a beautiful blue-gray mixed-breed dog with a short silky coat, weighing in at 50 pounds. He was rescued by the SPCA of Texas after being mistreated by his owner. He’s making up for all the fun he missed as puppy and is now a fun-loving, excitable doggy. He’s shown some reactivity while in the shelter and this may carry over into the real world, so he will require a house with a secure wooden fenced yard where he can’t see who is passing by. He will do better in a home with kids over 12 years old and does need to meet them before he is adopted. His ideal adopter is active and patient and will devote time to playing and working with Bosco to help him with his obedience skills. If you’re looking for fun-loving guy who is ready to be your companion, Bosco is the one for you! He is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas. Please visit to make an appointment to meet him.



Still looking for a new home: Freckles



Meet Freckles, an 11-year-old, female Shepherd mix weighing 53-pounds. She has a short, smooth coat that is mostly white with touches of charcoal on her eyes and little gray freckles on her face – hence her name! With perky triangle ears, brown eyes and a curled tail, she’s quite the cute little lady. She can be shy around new people, but has gained a lot of confidence since coming to the SPCA of Texas. She’s working on learning to walk on a leash, trusting people and making friends with other dogs. She would love a calm, quiet home where she can continue building her trust with people and take it easy. She’s sweet, gentle and affectionate once she gets to know you, and will be a loyal and loving girl to anyone who gives her time to settle in. If you’re looking for an older lady to enjoy quiet time with, she’s the one for you! Freckles is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Texas’ Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas. Please visit to make an appointment to meet her.


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Logan Garrett, holding Tony, started the SPCA Pet Adoption program while she was in high school.

Carmen & Tater enjoying their home with the Dirt Doctor. Both are of them SPCA rescues.

Here are our current SPCA adoptees - the veteran Tater and the new girl, Nellie.

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